Prices (per day)

peak season
(21 June - 31 August)
78.00 € (max. four persons)
low season
(1 September - 31 October, 1 Mai - 20 June)
40.00 € (for third and fourth person plus 5,- € each)
no season
(1 November - 30 April)
35.00 € (for third and fourth person plus 5,- € each)

Plus leaving cleaning costs (45,- €) and booking fee (15,- € per booking).
Utilities (electricity, water, heating) are included.
All prices stated including VAT.

Linen to hire from Bäder-Tourist. Prices on application.

For public holidays: Prices on application (from Bäder-Tourist).

Thank you for contacting us before bringing your pet with you.

In Zinnowitz as in many towns on Usedom, you're required to pay a visitor's tax. For details please see "Kurabgabensatzung".
These costs are not in cluded in the prices mentioned above.

Further details may be found in the catalogue on the website of Bäder-Tourist.


For booking please contact Bäder Tourist using the holiday flat identifier 124/15 catalogue).
You may also phone them by calling +Germany (49) 38371 20815.
Please don't hesitate to contact us in case there are any problems.